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In the Works
Symphony Jones

"I'm planting a garden" said Symphony Jones...This is the book that got me started on the "rhyming name" poems. It's filled with hopes and dreams and happy thoughts. Click here to see a video version of the book. Symphony Jones

Get a glimpse into my journey towards getting this book finished and into the hands of readers.
What to do? On a Positive Note

Next September

A novel spanning 3 generations of love, tragedy, survival and triumph.

Danny Liked to Draw

"Danny liked to draw and he like to paint too" the problem was that no one understood his art. An illustrated story of a boy who finds peace with being misunderstood.

Down The Road
Illustrated Poetry Books
Benny Bartholamew
Daisy O'Donnell
Andy Albeit
Nosey Ramirez
What If
Who is My Son Going to Be?

I don't really think of them as children's books, more like illustrated poetry books for the young at heart.

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